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Delivering 100% Biodegradability

Find out how Persil, Cif, Comfort and Domestos approach 100% biodegradability.

Our journey to 100%biodegradability

We have achieved more than 90% biodegradability in many of our products. But we won’t settle until we have reached 100% - ensuring that all the ingredients reported as 'biodegradable' conform to international biodegradability standards.

Making our products biodegradable

Protecting the environment for future generations is non-negotiable. Our scientists are involved in every step of the process to how our products are created, made, distributed and used. We understand what happens throughout a products lifecycle to ensure we minimise their environmental impact.

The technical stuff

Conducting our own pioneering scientific sustainability research, and working closely with leading authorities around the world, we always use the latest scientific advances within our safety and environmental sustainability assessments.

Learn more about our leading sustainability capability 

*OECD Guideline for the Testing of Chemicals (OECD tests 301, 302, 310

How do ingredients in a formulation biodegrade?

Our products use as many biodegradable ingredients as possible - ones that break down quickly, easily and naturally once they have been released down the drain after use. Designing our formulations to be biodegradable is just one of the approaches we use to ensure environmental safety.

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