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Better for the planet

Find out how you could save up to 1.5kg of plastic over a 12 month period with our new ecorefill & ecobottle innovation, versus using our traditional bottles – the equivalent of 3 bags of sugar!

Have you seen our new eco innovations?

We have developed our reusable Lever ecobottles to work with the growing range of concentrated Persil & Cif ecorefills. Save plastic with every refill.

Comparing traditional bottles v new eco innovation

Our calculations use values for comparable standard bottles from the Persil & Cif range alongside typical rates of product use.

What does it mean for me?

A single household using the Lever ecobottle system over a calendar year could save up to 68% or 1.5kg of plastic from the environment. Together, even a few thousand Lever ecobottle users could save the equivalent weight in plastic of an African elephant per year.

calculating the savings

As the chart shows, staying with us helps to save more & more plastic over time – up to 1.5kg per year!

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