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Rewarding you for making sustainable choices

Protecting our planet shouldn’t mean compromising on the products you trust to work, or the price you pay. Our pricing is designed to reward more sustainable choices. The more sustainable the products you choose and the bigger your delivery, the bigger the reward.

Introducing Eco Rewards

Designed not just to end the compromise between sustainability and price, Eco Rewards actually give you better prices for more sustainable choices.                          

They work in two ways;


Eco Products

Eco Products provide a discount on recommended retail prices (RRP) in recognition of product choices which are better for our planet.

This icon lets you know which products are our most sustainable and therefore provide the greatest discounts ( ... which may be as much as 50% ).

Eco Delivery Rewards

Eco Delivery Rewards provide a discount which recognises that bigger orders of lighter, more concentrated products, take fewer lorries to deliver to your home.
This icon shows you when Eco Rewards have been applied. Starting with free delivery on orders over £15.00, and growing in value with bigger orders and the use of bundles.

More Rewards for more sustainable choices

By combining our Eco Products & Eco Delivery Rewards, with already discounted bundles, multi-buys and single products, you can create the best deal for you and for the planet.

Our prices change automatically as you add more to your basket, so you can see your savings grow as you make more sustainable choices.

Eco Delivery Rewards Shopping Aid

As you build your basket, you can use our Eco Delivery Rewards shopping bar to enjoy greater rewards. The shopping bar is located in the blue banner at the top of your screen, on all pages. This will tell you what level of discount you have and how to get more.

See it all add up

When you arrive at your final basket, you will see all of your Eco Rewards summarised in one place. Showing you what you will pay,  your total savings and proving that more sustainable choices do cost you and your environment less.

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