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zzLord Lever Heritage

The name Lever echoes back to the heritage of Unilever where we want to return to the founding principles of Lord Lever.

The man was ahead of his time. Inspirational and entrepreneurial in nature. His values hold true today.

He gave back to the community and helped to develop it further. Welfare and sustainable.

Lord Lever merged his British company (formerly Lever Brothers) with Margarine Unie from The Netherlands to create Unilever, for better efficiency of oils and fats used in soap making (Lever’s primary business at the time).

Today, Unilever has four staple homecare brands that can be found in the majority of homes within the United Kingdom. The Lever Direct website uses the foundational brands of CifDomestos, Persil and Comfort to re-imagine the vision of Lord Lever for today's time.

There is no compromise on performance. We know that our brands are trusted within the family home. If a washing load fails to clean a school uniform, a families' schedule is thrown into chaos. The products need to deliver.

We have developed this website with the family in mind. Our research shows that most families will do two laundry washes a day. The wash needs to deliver, first time. Building on this approach, bathrooms and kitchens form the staple of household cleaning. Our bundles are based on this approach, delivering longer term small, medium and large family solutions that aim to ensure that you don't run out. 

There can be no compromise on the planet. We realise that everyone (yes, everyone) needs to do better for the planet. The question is, where do you start? We have taken the first steps on our journey to take the products we have and determine their impact on the planet based on biodegradability, recyclability and weight efficacy. Buying homecare bundles in one purchase will help reduce the impact on the delivery logistics. We are not perfect, and this is not a fully defined solution; we need to start somewhere, but this is our vision and ambition.

Let's work on this together. We want to bring innovation and new concepts to deliver our vision. Try our direct bundle offers and let us know your thoughts to help us on our journey.

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