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Persil Letterbox Ecorefill Bundle and Bottle for Life

4 x detergent dilute at home Eco-refill bottles (57 washes each) and Bottle for Life 
New 2x concentrated formula
Delivered direct to your door 
Choose between bio or non bio
  • Refills for your planet

    Refills for your home

    Refills for your wallet


    • Our 100% recyclable refills mean you can use your refillable bottle for life and use 63% less plastic*


    • Same great performance you expect from your usual products just with less plastic
    • Refills save space in your cupboard


    • Refills are cheaper than buying a new pack, saving you money when you refill and reuse
    • Saving plastic also means fewer trucks to transport them and fewer emissions

  • Usage Instructions:

    • Remove the cap from your bottle for life
    • Fill up to the mark on the bottle with water as shown
    • Pour the contents of the Persil Eco-refill into the bottle
    • Place the cap back on tightly and shake gently 
    • Use your detergent as normal
    • Recycle the refill

  • Persil Eco-Letterbox Refill Details

    • Persil Eco-letterbox refill is a concentrated detergent in a bottle which works in combination with a re-usable Persil “Bottle for Life”
    • The refills are shaped so they fit easily through your letterbox so you don’t need to wait in for deliveries
    • The Persil refill uses 63% less plastic vs the current 57 wash detergent bottle 
    • The refillable detergent has the same great performance as the standard Persil detergent 
    • This detergent refill saves space in the cupboard and it’s lighter to carry
    • Saving plastic also means fewer trucks to transport them and fewer emissions.  Welcome to the #ecorefillrevolution
    • Through the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan, Unilever’s mission is to make sustainable living commonplace. By 2025 we have committed to ensuring that all our plastic packaging is fully reusable, recyclable or compostable. The 10x concentrated Cif Ecorefill means a Cif bottle can be reused for life thus reducing the plastic footprint of each product by 75%. Welcome to the #ecorefillrevolution.
  • Persil Non-Bio Variant Details

    • Gentle next to skin, tough on stains
    • Suitable for sensitive skin
    • Use with Comfort Pure for everyday kindness
    • British Skin Foundation recognises Persil’s research into skin care and it is accredited by Netmums
    • Dermatologically tested

  • Persil Bio Variant Details

    • Removes stains 1st time                
    • Removes stains even in a quick wash       
    • With Celluclean® technology for whiter whites (vs previous formulation) Helps remove tough stains like grease, mud and chocolate ice-cream               
    • Works efficiently at lower temperatures Have you tried the full Persil Bio range? Also available in powder, and capsules 
    • Tackling tough stains can be a challenge, but with Persil Bio Liquid Detergent stain removal is simple. It offers effective stain removal even in a quick wash, making it the perfect laundry detergent for any busy routine. 
    • Persil’s improved biological formula contains celluclean® technology for whiter whites*, and contains enzymes that breaks down stains even in a 30° C wash. 
    • Check the garment care labels before selecting the appropriate temperature and wash cycle. Do not use on silk, wool or other delicate fabrics.

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