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less water, same performance

What does this mean? Concentrating products helps us reduce water in them. This helps lower carbon footprint & be better for the planet.


Water is used in homecare product formulation, and water is heavy.  So, our Research & Development colleagues are always exploring ways to reduce the amount of water in our products.  This has 3 benefits - we reduce usage of water which is a limited resource, we save on plastics & we use fewer lorries to transport- all better planet & the future generations.


We check every product’s performance against its weight per dose; the lighter a product is, the less packaging and the lower the impact on the environment. 

Leverdirect aims to offer bundles with products which are rated high on performance. Coupled with our product concentration agenda, we are able to develop high "performance to weight ratio" products.

higher power, lighter product

What does that look like in practice? If two products perform the same, it will be the lighter product that scores higher as it uses fewer resources.

Weight Efficiency Rating

It’s a simple concept. We’ve developed a scale to track the performance of products on this website.

Look for our Weight Efficiency Rating against every product that we offer, we believe in complete transparency.

Cif ecorefill rating: Excellent

The Cif ecorefill is 10 times more concentrated than the original Cif Power & Shine trigger spray bottle. Around a tenth of size, and weighing 12% less than the original bottle, the ecorefill uses 71% less plastic than the original spray. By reducing packaging, increasing the product’s power and not shipping water, we’re making progress on our journey to complete sustainability. All you need to do is dilute at home – giving you a more eco-friendly clean without compromising on quality.

Comfort Intense Fabric Conditioner rating: Very Good

Another high performer is the Comfort Intense Fabric Conditioner.  Compared with the traditional 35ml Comfort Fabric Conditioner – rated Good on the scale – this 15ml dose uses a much higher power formulation; using 34% less plastic, releasing 24% less waste and producing 20% less greenhouse gas. With a more efficient dose, the Comfort Intense Fabric Conditioner provides the high-quality fabric conditioning that you’re used to, with a far lower environmental impact.

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