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6 reasons to choose leverdirect

1. Performance, planet & price

Why should anyone have to choose between cleaning performance, great value and contributing to a sustainable future? We don’t believe in compromise. Our products need to deliver every time, and they will. By delivering top quality performance, at great value while creating a cleaner and more sustainable future.   

2. The brands you trust

Unilever's most trusted homecare brands of Cif, Persil, Domestos and Comfort not only bring you bundles of the best performing products, they are now working together to help reduce our collective impact on the planet.

3. Products that work

Doing more washing shouldn’t compromise how clean you get your clothes. We know most families will do two washing cycles a day, so our products need to deliver every time. Meeting your everyday needs as well as working to create a cleaner, more sustainable future. And we continue to invest in better performing products so that you don’t have to choose between cleaning power and a clean planet.

4. A more sustainable way to clean

The cleanliness of your home should not be at odds with the cleanliness of the planet.  We won’t compromise on the planet, and we know you won’t either. Change is happening now, and we grade and develop our products based on biodegradability and recyclability.

With less plastic and less wastage, we’ve lowered our carbon footprint and will continue to lower it until we reach 100% sustainability; giving you the same quality cleaning performance at a much lower cost to the planet. 

5. A more cost-effective way to clean

The right choice for the planet shouldn’t cost you more. Lever Home Care Cleaning Kits come with starter and refill packs, delivered directly to your door and ready to use. By replacing disposable bottles with bottles for life, you save money on every refill you buy. Why buy packaging when you can just buy the product.

6. Bigger rewards for buying more

Ordering in bulk has many benefits. It reduces the complexity of the delivery process, the volume of packaging used and the number of deliveries made, making it better for the planet. Its only right that we offer bigger discounts to encourage bulk buying, so you benefit from making a more sustainable choice.

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