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The Beautiful Bottle, Bathroom

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This Beautiful Bottle is 700ml and compatible with the Cif Bathroom Power & Shine ecorefills.

This bottle is delivered empty, so that you can fill with water at home; better for the planet. Please use in conjunction with our eco-refill pods.

How to use: Simply add 630ml of water to your Beautiful Bottle. No need for spillage, the ecorefill attaches onto the Beautiful Bottle and seamlessly releases the 10x concentrated solution, with just a click. When you’re done, remove the sleeve from the ecorefill and throw the bottle into the recycling bin.


The perfect way to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic at home. The ecorefill delivers the same beautiful cleaning results of Cif in a convenient and eco-friendly cleaning product, so you can upgrade your cleaning routine without compromising quality. This Beautiful Bottle Bathroom starter kit leaves bathroom surfaces shiny and beautiful. Use it as a shower cleaner spray, limescale remover, toilet spray or tile cleaner and as a bathroom spray and achieve 100% streak-free shine and 100% limescale and soap-scum removal whilst going green.


The Cif ecorefill product range also includes Power & Shine Kitchen, so you can turn more of your regular cleaning products into reusable spray bottles. Through the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan, Unilever’s mission is to make sustainable living commonplace. By 2025 we have committed to ensuring that all our plastic packaging is fully reusable, recyclable or compostable. Welcome to the #ecorefillrevolution.
Remove sleeve before recycling ecorefill bottle *Not including spray head **Than 700ml Cif Power & Shine

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